Compassionate Coaching Workshops

All miracles involve a shift perception        

A Course in Miracles

If you are ready to manifest your dreams into reality, Compassionate Coaching Workshops provide a step-by-step recipe to achieve the results you want. Success of any kind requires learning how to wake up the energies of your heart. By tapping into your deepest desires and directing your mental focus appropriately, you can activate forces far beyond mere will power. Groups are kept small for maximum learning.

Compassionate Coaching is based on essential principles extracted from people who consistently achieve the impossible. This is not about positive thinking and affirmations. It’s about using the energy of your brain to transform events, focusing on the place where science meets the spiritual, where mind meets body, and where your dreams can manifest into reality. For centuries, wise leaders have known the answers.

Miracles begin with a change of thought. Clear the clutter in your mind. Choose to heal whatever holds you back. Awaken your creativity, activate your passion and make your life a fun adventure! The practical exercises during this workshop will include specific ways to explore your inner world, release blockages, manage your emotional state, visualize exactly what you want – plus learn the secret ingredients essential to manifesting!

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Location:  Haven Hall

  • Do you know how you’d like things to be different?
  • Have you been trying for years to make something good happen?
  • Do you wonder how other people get things to work?
  • Do you need to get clear about what needs to change?
  • Are you tired of pushing, driving or blaming yourself?

“This workshop helped me get back on track. Arielle’s clear direction, explanation and wonderful guiding processes, built up to an understanding that all good dreams are there for us to have, if we clear ourselves up. This process supports that miracle which becomes an eventuality.

MH Marketing Healing Professional

Arielle speaking