Working with groups of people in business, politics, teaching or training requires special skills. Whether presenting to large groups, one-to-one or on video, you need to exude the right confidence and impact. Arielle offers quick, easy and effective coaching, incorporating expertise in non-verbal communication. Everyone can learn to present themselves better with more authenticity. It’s more than just speaking your truth. Some people need to learn how to sound more authoritative and have more presence. Wouldn’t you like to be listened to and taken seriously? Others need to soften and come across as more empathic, approachable, friendly and caring.

From the moment you walk into a room, Arielle can coach you how to command respect and convey trust. You’ll learn how to deal with hot topics and how to direct people’s attention towards the solutions. You’ll learn how to make the right eye contact and gestures as well as radiating the kind of energy appropriate to your message. Imagine your listeners really listening, giving you the space to speak, and really hearing your message. When you present with confidence and impact, you’ll charm people into agreement. Arielle herself regularly presents to groups and has years of teaching experience as well as being filmed many times, so she has lots of hot tips for specific events. She’s also happy to help you design your message for a particular talk, presentation or plan an important interview for maximum impact.

What you can get from these coaching sessions:

  • Extraordinary insights into human behaviour
  • Master the dynamics of people politics
  • Increase your confidence and be heard
  • Handle difficult interactions with more ease
  • Improve how you manage people & teams
  • Reduce mis-communications and stress
  • Win buy-in and compliance to your ideas
  • Improve your presentation style at meetings
  • Increase credibility, flexibility & approachability
  • Read people’s responses more accurately

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Bespoke Coaching Retreat Packages

First decide how long you wish to stay. Then ring David to check availability. Haven Hall Prices include Bed & Breakfast (Full English). Haven Hall does NOT serve lunch or dinner, but you can cook for yourself in one of the self-catering apartments or enjoy some local gastropubs, cafes and restaurants. Train travel to the Isle of Wight from London Waterloo takes just over 2 ½ hours including passenger ferry. Car travel via Southampton Ferry takes longer but having a car on the Island means you’ll see more. Do ask David for a Car Ferry Discount code when you book. Check-in times are very flexible. Check out time is usually 11am.

October to June (Low Season)

One night stay (usually £336.00 per night) ~ Retreat price £178.00 + VAT or £213.60 per night

Coaching Sessions ~ £125.00 per hour

Total Cost ~ £338.60 including 1 hour Coaching Session


July, August, September (High Season)

One Night Stay (usually £420 per night) ~ Retreat price £247.00 + VAT per night or £331.00 per night

All Coaching sessions ~ £125 per hour

Total Cost ~ £456.00 per night including 1 hour Coaching Session

Please ring David on 07914 796 494 to book directly