Half way through your book and so impressed! I love the way it goes deep into the hidden intentions of your clients. In many cases, I found myself identifying with them and wondering if my own symptoms could be traced back to the anger, hate and rage of my early childhood.

M.O. retired Bookkeeper

Empowering easy-to-read text…this is a thought-provoking tool to help you nurture yourself and your future.

Health and Fitness Magazine

Reading and re-reading ‘Compassionate Coaching’ has been so important for me, this book has become my bible!

M.B. Commercial Lawyer

A practical, inspirational and above all, kind approach to self-exploration and development. Reading the book feels like taking a long and wonderful journey with a trusted guide, friend and companion.

J.C. Local Authority Director

Compassionate Coaching moved me to tears on a number of occasions. I read through it without doing the exercises – now I want to work through the content as there is so much in there for me. For the first time, the tears were for me…not for what was lost, or broken or unavailable.

L.T. Life Coach