We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell


Doesn’t the idea of magnetically attracting whatever you want sound too good to be true? If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Unfortunately, several factors get in the way.

The path to creating lasting positive change rarely goes in a straight line. The journey of life follows a zig zag path. Energy travels in unpredictable ways. Mastering art of attraction requires following three avenues of thinking.

First get clarity about what you want, identify what stops you, and then resolve what has been blocking your thinking. To attract what you want, you need to ask the right questions to facilitate your brain’s positive thinking energy. Typical questions that sound helpful actually hold you back:


How could this have happened to me, and why now?

How can I get rid of this problem and be okay again?

How can I ever forgive what is unforgivable?

How is it possible that my thoughts contributed to this?

How can I bounce back and avoid possible replays?

How can I make a miracle happen when I need one?


How could this have happened to me, and why now?

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, take responsibility. The amount of responsibility you accept equals how much power you have to change. Instead of looking for something to blame, use your energy to get clear about what you want instead. Instead of going into denial, get curious. Instead of blaming bad timing, remember you can’t change the past, you can only change how you think in the present. Heal the thoughts here and now and commit to improving things for the future. Let go of any temptation to think you’ve been specially selected for punishment. Better question: How can I accept and learn from what has happened, and move on?


How can I get rid of this problem and be okay again?

Getting rid of your problem sounds like a good idea until you realize this is a form of self-attack. Because part of your mind created this problem, it belongs to you. Just as you wouldn’t want to get rid of your left leg, your phone or your credit card, note the different ways this problem has been useful. How has it served you? What have you learned? What do you not have to do? What do you get to avoid? Let go of the need to get rid of it. Start appreciating and accepting of all the good aspects and benefits you’ve gained by having this problem. If you make friends with it you’ll start feeling better right away. Better Question: What helps me to remember I’m always okay and to learn whatever I need to become even better?


How can I ever forgive what is unforgivable – How can I let go?

Learn the secret of how to look at things from another perspective, tap into alternative ways of thinking, change outmoded beliefs, reassess what’s most important, let go of negative emotions, heal the past, and access the wisdom of your higher mind. Yes, all these are possible! After you re-discover what is true for you, forgiveness makes more sense. After you understand the essence of positive intentions, and remember how you’ve learned by your mistakes, you may be surprised to discover that most things can be forgiven. It is not about condoning bad behavior. Holding onto the need to punish, get revenge or remember wrongs keeps you stuck. Forgiveness sets you free. Better Question: Looking at this through eyes of love, how different would it feel and what could I let go of now?


How is it possible that my thoughts contributed to this?

Your conscious thoughts occupy less than 10% of your mind. By definition you cannot be conscious of what is unconscious. As it would be crazy to deliberately create problems, it must be your unconscious thoughts doing this, not your conscious thoughts. Learn how to tune into these inner workings of your mind. The 60,000 thoughts per day you’ve been thinking for many years, have contributed to where you are right now. So, if you don’t like where you are, change how you think. Your conscious and unconscious mind use the same brain cells. It just takes a little focused practice to change. Better Question: How do I need to think differently in order to manifest the miracles I want?


How can I bounce back and prevent possible replays?

Lasting change starts with aligning yourself with what is true. What you stand for, what you value, and how you give your gifts are all ways of loving yourself. Align with these and your energy bounces back naturally. You can only genuinely love others to the degree you already love yourself. However, it never hurts to practice giving your love anywhere, anytime. As you heal the past and stop repeating old behavior patterns, you also become more resilient. Not reacting to old triggers prevents such things happening again and your positive energy attracts what you really want. Better Question: How can I interrupt the old triggers, turn my thoughts around instantly and focus on the positive?


How can I make a miracle happen when I need one?

Sounds positive, doesn’t it? But first you need to get super clear. That means answering the most difficult question of all: What do you really want? How you describe this desired goal to yourself and how you talk about it to others, reveals what kind of energy fuels your desire. Are you moving away from what you don’t want in fear, or are you moving towards what is positive and brings joy? Does it make a difference? Which works better?

Is your goal fully aligned with who you are, who you came to be and where you want to go? If so, you are more than halfway to manifesting a miracle. But need blocks manifesting. So let go of needing something to happen. Cultivate an attitude of trusting and allowing. A Better Question: Am I willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to manifest what I want?

In depth coaching can help you discover the key insights you need to manifest change. It helps to have a ‘time-out’ and reflect on your life from a distance. Two brains can be better than one. If you haven’t been able to solve your problems on your own, maybe it’s time to seek help. Get out of feeling stuck, get more clarity, access deeper understanding and learn how to attract the results you want naturally.


All will be well,

And all manner of things will be well.

                                                            Dame Julian of Norwich, 13th Century