The Eight Factors of Healing (E-Book)

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Is it possible to make a spontaneous remission happen? During my own personal healing journey, I searched for years and explored many options to discover what works.

Thanks to research done by the Institute of Noetic Science, who studied 1574 people who enjoyed spontaneous remissions from Cancer, there’s a path to follow. Here in this easy-to-read download book, you can read about the eight changes these people made in order to heal. You’ll also benefit from the special NLP exercises that can help you achieve the same results.
Do you wonder why illness occurs? Do you suspect there’s a link between stress and symptoms? Do you think there could be a purpose behind disease?

Learn how the body and mind work together. Whatever the body creates, it knows how to un-create. Because every cell in your body is replaced every six months, you have miraculous healing ability available every day. Learn how to activate this incredible power.