If you’ve seen Arielle in The Living Matrix documentary, or heard one of her talks, then you know that she has personal experience of what it is like to face a healing crisis. Her healing journey and research into what works, adds an extra dimension to her special Coaching sessions. You can benefit greatly from her insights into the mind/body aspects of healing. Get a taste by reading Arielle’s free Article ‘The 8 Factors of Healing and her e-book: The Eight Factors of Healing This builds on the research done by IONS (The Institute of Noetic Science) into what helped 1574 people have spontaneous remissions.

There are many different phases and aspects of a healing journey: 

  • Facing the Crisis instead of going into denial
  • Reduce both conscious and unconscious stress
  • Take control of your life and the healing process
  • Understand the message of your symptoms & illness
  • Manage your emotions and be able to say ‘no’
  • Learn how to get the best out of doctors & treatments
  • Create a healing support team to back you up
  • Increase your autonomy, love, joy and awareness

Depending on where you are right now, Arielle can guide you to find the answers you need. When you resolve the underlying stress associated with your illness, the body’s immune system becomes free to restore the body back in balance and heal. If you are undergoing treatment, having the right frame of mind and beliefs can help your body accept and make the best use of your chosen medication. Instead of feeling fear about particular procedures or the prognosis, you can prepare, stay calm and at peace.


What to expect during a Coaching Session:

Arielle will guide you through gentle discussion and exploration, to help discover what unconscious ideas, beliefs, decisions or events might be related to your specific problem. She will listen closely for patterns in your language, specific words and phrases, as well as emotions and old traumas. The body has a wisdom all of its own and often stores history of old unresolved issues in the tissues. A symptom is merely the body’s way to draw your attention to the message it is trying to express. Arielle will help you to understand the metaphors of these symptoms and then travel back in time to resolve specific events. Expect to get some astonishing insights into your inner world.

What if I don’t know the cause?

Even when you think you consciously know the cause, that may not be the whole story. If healing only required conscious awareness, you would have already made the changes and healed. Arielle helps to root out the unconscious causes. Through special question frames, non-verbal clues, body metaphors, organ language, patterns of behaviour and experienced observation, you will discover deeper and more hidden causes.

Bespoke Coaching Retreat Packages

First decide how long you wish to stay. Then ring David to check availability. Haven Hall Prices include Bed & Breakfast (Full English). Haven Hall does NOT serve lunch or dinner, but you can cook for yourself in one of the self-catering apartments or enjoy some local gastropubs, cafes and restaurants. Train travel to the Isle of Wight from London Waterloo takes just over 2 ½ hours including passenger ferry. Car travel via Southampton Ferry takes longer but having a car on the Island means you’ll see more. Do ask David for a Car Ferry Discount code when you book. Check-in times are very flexible. Check out time is usually 11am.

October to June (Low Season)

One night stay (usually £336.00 per night) ~ Retreat price £178.00 + VAT or £213.60 per night

Coaching Sessions ~ £125.00 per hour

Total Cost ~ £338.60 including 1 hour Coaching Session


July, August, September (High Season)

One Night Stay (usually £420 per night) ~ Retreat price £247.00 + VAT per night or £331.00 per night

All Coaching sessions ~ £125 per hour

Total Cost ~ £456.00 per night including 1 hour Coaching Session

Please ring David on 07914 796 494 to book directly