A case study about a man’s limiting beliefs about money with some useful questions to ask yourself.

Arielle’s Healing Story

A short but detailed version of Arielle’s journey healing her brain tumour.

A path with heart

What stops you finding fulfilment in the work you do? How can you tap into your inner wisdom to follow your heart?

Anything is possible

Arielle’s story about the confusion, pressure and stress that led to creating a brain tumour and the changes that helped.

Being At Cause

The pay-off’s for suffering and ‘victim thinking’ compared to the benefits of taking full responsibility.

Being in the moment

The tricky path of how to set goals without focusing on what you want to move away from in the past, and without getting attached to a future ideal.

Bouncing Back

What are the 5 key strategies successful people use to transcend obstacles, learn from mistakes and achieve their desired outcomes?

Burn out

Are you tired, exhausted and living to work? It’s time to do a major re-assessment and make some important inner changes.

Cats, Dogs and People Politics

Arielle’s article from Resource Magazine explains the basic concepts of Non Verbal Intelligence: what Cats and Dogs can teach people about improving their deliver through credible and approachable body language.

Courage to be happy

How can you weather storms, sail through rough waters and stay afloat during tough times?

Future Forward

How creating a clear vision of the future you want can help to draw good things towards you. Includes a case study.

Hakuna Mattata

The winning attitude for life (from the Swahili) with a case study of how to apply this in relationships. How the NLP process of ‘flipping your pictures’ back to positive ones can help.

Head or heart

The type of thinking that keeps you stuck in a problem is not the type of thinking that can get you out of it. How can you resolve inner conflicts and access better answers?

Magic Pill Thinking

What pushes your buttons and propels you to make certain decisions?

Talk Yourself Well

An NLP taster of how the words you use can have a profound effect on your health. Plus hot tips on how to improve your language.

Three Perspectives

Learn the quickest way to see and understand other people’s point of view and heal difficult situations.

The 8 Factors of Healing

A brief taster article that describes the research done by IONS who studied 1574 people who had spontaneous remissions from Cancer, looked at from an NLP perspective.

Turning the Impossible into I’m Possible

How to shift out of un-resourceful thinking into making better choices

Two Wolves

What dangers lurk behind good intentions and defending a polarised version of the truth?

Weighty Issue

Different internal metaphors play a huge part of creating body size. A case study illustrates some of the most important messages, plus a useful question format.

What your symptoms tell you

A starting point for thinking about what ails you with useful insights into a different way of thinking.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

What gets in the way of goal setting and manifesting are some hidden conflicts of belief. Here are 20 questions to get you thinking differently.

Why goal setting doesn’t work

How setting a goal can be a hidden form of self-attack and what to do instead.